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The holiday season is practically here and for many of you that means it’s time to decorate. Decorating for the holidays is a great way to spread cheer and bring people together. Holiday decorations are associated with feelings of nostalgia, warmth and friendliness. But the actual act of decorating, hauling the decorations out of storage, untangling lights, hanging stockings and wreaths and trimming the tree, is a lot of work. So, here are a few ways magnetics can make putting up your decorations a little bit easier.

5 Magnetic Tricks for Hanging Your Holiday Decorations

A few strategically placed magnets can make putting up (and taking down) your holiday décor a snap.  Here are five magnetic solutions to hanging your holiday decorations.

Magnetic Door Decorations

Transform the outside of your home into a winter wonderland with flexible sheet magnets for your exterior doors. The strong, flexible and weather-proof magnets go up in seconds, easily adhering to metal garage doors and front doors and remove just as easy without damage or leaving behind any residue. They can be cut into any shape, printed with any color, picture or festive greeting and last for years.

Holiday Fridge Magnets

The same flexible sheet magnets can be used inside on magnetic receptive surfaces as well such as refrigerators and doors. Or turn holiday decorations into festive fridge magnets by attaching an adhesive magnet to it.

Holiday-Themed Magnetic Poetry

Magnetic poetry is a set of small magnets made up of individual words, short phrases and even little icons and pictures, which can be creatively arranged into short sentences, fun phrases and poems. The kits make great holiday gifts but can also be used to spread cheer at home or in the office. We offer custom magnetic poetry, allowing you to create your own personalized set of magnetic poetry filled with your favorite holiday phrases, pictures or names.

Hang with Magnetic Hooks

Hang your stockings with care, self-adhesive steel plates and magnetic hooks. Place the adhesive disks in a discreet location underneath a mantelpiece and attach a small magnetic hook to it to easily hang stockings, garlands and lights. Be aware that the adhesive on these plates is permanent, so it should be placed in a discreet area where it can remain after the holidays. Magnetic hooks can also be used to hang wreaths and other holiday décor on steel doors. Or you can use two magnets to hang a wreath on a single pane window by placing one on each side of the pane.

Hang Lights on the House

One of the trickiest and time-consuming decorating tasks is hanging exterior lights on your home. Make it easier by turning any set of lights into magnetic lights by attaching a magnet to the light socket with glue. You’ll want to every five or so bulbs to make sure the lights don’t droop. Let them dry and head outside and attach them to the metal strips on your roof’s edge or your galvanized steel gutters.

Spread Cheer with US Magnetix

Shop our online magnet store now for stress free holiday decorating or contact us for custom holiday magnets. We can help you create a truly magic holiday with a custom magnet for your home or business. Give us a call at 763-540-9497 or send us a message. We’d be more than happy to talk through your project to find or design the right magnet for you.


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