Matte White Vinyl Magnet Roll

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Pricing based on single-piece orders.

Various sizes & quantity discounts available. Please select your Magnet Roll Size, Magnet Thickness, if you’d like it Back Coated and your Product Quantity Below.

Flexible magnet with matte white vinyl printable surface. Great for P.O.P.  displays, vehicle signs, and much more. “Mil” is a magnet industry term that stands for thousandth of an inch. The higher the mil the thicker and stronger the magnet.

A 20 mil magnet has about 60 lbs. pull per square foot.

A 30 mil magnet has about 85 lbs. pull per square foot.

A 60 mil magnet has about 144 lbs. pull per square foot.

Back Coated magnets help prevent ink blocking and offer more protection for painted surfaces.

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