Learn How We Help You Find the Exact Magnet for Your Needs at US Magnetix

Magnets come in all shapes and sizes. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all product for every need. That’s why we focus on delivering magnetic products that fit, customized for you. Do you need a promotional magnet to boost your business? Are you searching for an industrial magnet as the finishing touch to your product? We can do all that and so much more at US Magnetix.

Your Experienced Guide to the Perfect Magnet

When it comes to magnets, there are so many different uses and configurations that it could make your head spin. However, at US Magnetix, we take pride in using our expertise to be your guide, helping you find the exact magnet for your needs, simply. It’s all part of our Ultimate Service. How do we do it?

We Pay Attention to the Details

There’s so much more to a magnet than what you can see. How strong of a magnet do you need? What type of adhesive do you wish to use? What shape is best for your project? With our ability and experience, every detail of your magnet is carefully chosen through a needs assessment and then designed to perfection.

We Use Cutting Edge Technology

The machinery and equipment we use is the best on the market and can provide even the most intricate magnet designs. Whether it’s a simple strip you need or a colorful, intricately woven pattern, we have the technology needed to make it happen.

We Listen

Even if you’re unsure about your project’s needs, there’s a magnet here for you. We take our time, listening to your needs and assessing your project. We then take what we learn and design a magnet to fit.

Which Magnetic Product is Right for You?

Are you looking for a unique way to promote your business? Maybe you’re looking for an industrial magnet to round out your hanging signage. Whatever the project may be, we have, or can create, the magnet you need.

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Promotional Magnets

Our promotional magnets range from intricate die-cuts to custom calendars. A great way to communicate your business, we custom create magnets to fit your specifications. At US Magnetix, one thing is certain: no logo is too difficult and no project is too large. Let us help you grow your business with our promotional magnet capabilities. As part of our full-service, each of our magnets is laminated and die-cut just for you.

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Industrial Magnets

Our industrial magnets are available for printers needing supply or inventors needing tools to complete their next big invention. From toys to hanging signage and beyond, we have ceramic magnets, rolls, sheets, assemblies and more to fit your every need.

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Let Us Help You Find the Best Fit

At US Magnetix, the only limit is your creativity. We create it all, from simple fridge magnets to complex assemblies.

Ready to buy now? You can grab what you need by shopping online. Not sure what kind of magnet your project needs? That’s why we’re here! Give us a call today at 800-330-1432 or send us a message for help finding the best fit.


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