All-in-One Direct Mail Products for Your Business

As a business owner, you spend a great deal of time and resources on spreading the word about your products and services. What if there was a way to simplify it all? If there was one product you could create that would place your business front and center year-round, would you do it? At US Magnetix, we offer all-in-one direct mail products using custom magnets to help boost your business.

Why Choose a Direct Mail Magnet for Your Business?

Direct mail has been an effective marketing method for many years. There’s nothing quite like receiving a special gift in your mailbox. However, a direct mail campaign has so many more benefits than simply surprising your customers.

  • It’s cost-effective. Direct mail is a great way to get in front of your customers, without spending a fortune. We can design, create and print a direct mail product to fit your budget.
  • It’s fast. Direct mail products are fast to create with our state-of-the-art machinery and design expertise. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll do the rest.
  • It’s flexible. Our direct mail printing is flexible, giving you the option to create something completely new or continue your current campaign.

Design, Create & Print: Everything You Need From Magnet to Mailer

At US Magnetix, we offer all-in-one direct mail products, completely ready to mail. Our technological capabilities mixed with our Ultimate Service ends in a customized direct mail product you can be proud to send to your customers.


We can do the design work for your direct mail product for you. Our team can start with an idea or finish off an idea you’ve already started. With years of design experience and the ability to create any design you choose, your product will be the perfect fit for your business.


Whether we design your product or you bring a design to us, we create your magnet and direct mail product using state-of-the-art machinery and expertise. Need us to create the entire piece? Check. Simply need a new magnet applied to an item you’ve already created? Double check.


At US Magnetix, we pride ourselves on being your all-in-one printer. The sky’s the limit to what we can create for your direct mail campaign. We offer options such as:

  • Postcards with a magnet attached
  • Custom magnetic calendars
  • Brochures with a magnet attached
  • Catalogs with magnets included
  • Full 8×11 direct mailer with magnets attached

And so much more. At US Magnetix, we design, create and print everything your direct mail product needs from the mailer design to the adhesive for the magnet. With us, every detail matters and nothing goes unnoticed.

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Packaging & Direct Mail
Packaging & Direct Mail
Packaging & Direct Mail

Ready to Get Started?

Are you ready to make an impact on your customers with a direct mail product? You need an all-in-one printer to help you design, create and print the perfect product. To get started right now, check out our online store. Want something completely custom? Call us now at 800-330-1432 or send us a message to get started.


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