Complete Your Direct Mail Products With Label Magnets

You’ve made the perfect direct mail package, complete with a useful calendar for your customers. However, something seems to be missing. As you attempt to place the calendar on your refrigerator, you realize there’s nothing there to hold it. That’s where US Magnetix comes in. Our high- quality label magnets are made exclusively for direct mail and promotional products.

Serving Mail Houses and Printers

For years, US Magnetix has served mail houses and printing companies by providing high-quality label magnets for direct mail and promotional products such as business cards and calendars. Our label magnets are available in a wide array of widths and thicknesses, completely customizable to fit your specific application.

For printers, our label magnets with adhesive are supplied on a roll with gaps for automatic application or application by hand. At US Magnetix, we use these magnets for our own direct mail products. You can trust that what you receive is the best choice for your product.

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Complete Your Direct Mail Campaign With Label Magnets and More

We offer large volume supply to help you create the best direct mail product for each of your customers. Plus, our label magnets are great for use on promotional products to spread the message of your business.

As your all-in-one printer, US Magnetix offers many additional services to complete your direct mail campaign. We can design, create and print your direct mail product for you from idea to completion. Once your design is printed, we can place the magnets for you, creating a product that is ready to ship when you are. What products can we design and create for your campaign?

  • Magnetic business cards
  • Custom magnetic calendars
  • Custom die-cut magnets

And more! Whether you have a design already created or need assistance creating a new one, we can do it all here at US Magnetix.

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Label Magnets
Label Magnets
Label Magnets

Order Your Label Magnets Online Today

If you’re ready to order label magnets for your direct mail and promotional products today, you can visit our online store now to place your order. Are you interested in our direct mail design and printing services? Want to create a custom magnet? We’ve got you covered. Give us a call at 800-330-1432 or send us a message to get started!


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