Self-Adhesive Magnets: Types, Uses & Best Practices

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Self-adhesive magnets, or simply adhesive magnets, allow you to turn almost anything into a magnet. They have a super strong self-adhesive on one side that bonds to materials such as wood, aluminum or plastic, and a magnetic surface on the other side. Gluing magnets is possible but tricky. A magnet with a pre-applied adhesive gives you a more consistent bond, saves time and is a lot less messy.

Types of Adhesive Magnets

Adhesive Magnets come in a variety of sizes, strengths and magnetic materials. At US Magnetix, we have neodymium, ceramic and label types of adhesive magnets for different levels of strength as well as different adhesive options including acrylic adhesive, rubber-based adhesive and outdoor adhesive. Our adhesive magnets are sold in rolls, sheets and as individual pieces and come in different thicknesses to help you get the right strength for your project.

Applications for Adhesive Magnets

Due to their weight, flexibility and the many size options, the uses for adhesive magnets are virtually endless. They are very popular with the printing and packaging industry as well as arts and crafts and simple home and office DIY projects. Here are some examples:

  • Hang pictures and art
  • Mount objects to a wall
  • Organize and hang jewelry
  • DIY spice rack
  • Keep cabinet doors shut
  • Child-proof draws
  • DIY fridge magnets
  • Model train connectors
  • Magnetic earrings
  • Attach smoke detectors
  • Magnetic name tags
  • Gift boxes and high-end packaging
  • Greeting cards
  • POP displays
  • Small repairs

Applying Adhesive Magnets

Self-adhesive magnets allow you to attach the magnet to a non-magnetic surface using a strong adhesive. For best results, you’ll want to first clean and prep your surface. You’ll want to make sure it’s flat, sanding lightly if needed, and clean. Use a mild alcohol solution to remove dust and oils.

Once your surface is prepared, remove the paper backing from the adhesive side of the magnets and stick. You can quickly re-adjust as the adhesive is temporarily repositionable, allowing for accurate placement. Once correctly positioned, press firmly for an even adhesion and to eliminate any air pockets.

Let the adhesive cure for 24 hours before putting any stress or weight on the bond.

Shop Adhesive Magnets from US Magnetix

The best adhesive magnet for your project is waiting for you in our online store! We have magnetic tape, neodymium discs and blocks, channel magnets and ceramic magnetic with all different kinds of adhesives to meet your needs. Not sure what you need? We can help. Give us a call today at 800-330-1432 to speak with our team or send us a message. Let’s see what we can create together today!


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