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With millions of magnet craft projects for do-it-yourselfers and kids to make and enjoy, magnets are an essential part of any crafter’s tool-kit. All you need is the right magnet for the project. If you are looking to get started crafting with magnets, here’s a quick guide to some of the most popular crafting magnets available and how to use them.

Peel & Stick Adhesive Magnetic Sheets

These are large flexible magnets with an adhesive that you peel to expose just like a sticker. They can be cut into any shape or size with a scissors and then attached to an object to turn it into a magnet. These are great for turning photos, calendars and artwork into magnets.

Magnetic Tape

This is another crafting favorite with so many uses from organizing your cosmetics and bobby pins to making magnetic building blocks or even Scrabble tiles. It is very similar to the sheet magnet in that it is easy to cut and has a peel off backing to expose the adhesive, but instead of a sheet it comes as a long thin roll.

Foam Backed Adhesive Magnets

Foam backed adhesive magnets are great for creating your own refrigerator magnets and other DIY crafts like magnetic spice racks, chore lists or succulent wine cork planters. Since they already have an attached adhesive, there is no need for super glue. Simply remove the adhesive covering and stick. We offer foam backed ceramic and neodymium magnets, depending on the strength you need.

Ceramic Disc Magnets

The ceramic disc magnet remains a crafting favorite. It offers good holding strength at a low cost. Add a dab of super glue and the magnet can attach to nearly anything for hours of DIY crafting fun. Attach them to glass beads or painted rocks for DIY fridge magnets or attach them to the bottom of a bowl to make a convenient place to collect pins and needles for sewing projects. You can even make a fun fishing pole game for your toddler.

Pan Head Magnets

These knobby magnets are a fun and useful crafting tool for hanging jewelry, signs and keys. Because the ceramic magnet and casing are magnetized together, the holding force is considerably stronger than that of the individual magnet. This allows you to hang more weight on them than if you were to simply attach a knob to a ceramic magnet.

Buy Craft Magnets Online

Happy crafting. Be sure to browse our online magnet store for all your magnetic crafting needs and as always, if you have any questions be sure to drop us a line at 800-330-1432 or send us a message. We’d be happy to help you figure out exactly what products you need for whatever project you’re working on.


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