What is Magnetic & Magnetic Receptive Steel Tape Used for?

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It seems like lots of crafting sites and blogs have been touting the usefulness of this wonderfully versatile adhesive magnet and its popping up all over the place from Pinterest to Amazon. Maybe that’s left you wondering what exactly magnetic and magnetic receptive steel tape is and what it is used for.

Well, we’re here to answer just that. Magnet tape can be used for a lot of different applications from recording audio and storing data to hanging display signs and organizing. But the real magic happens when the two are used together to create a super strong soundproof, airtight seal.

What is Magnetic Tape?

Like it sounds, magnetic tape is a flexible, adhesive magnet. You’ll usually find as a long, narrow strip on a big roll, much like tape. It is magnetic or magnetic receptive (steel) on one side with an adhesive on the other that can be exposed by removing a liner. With the characteristics of a self-adhesive tape combined with the power of magnetism, the possibilities of what you can create and do with it are virtually endless.

Uses for Magnetic & Magnetic Receptive Steel Tape

Magnetic tape is a magnet on one side and an adhesive on the other, allowing you to turn practically anything into a magnet. Whereas magnet receptive steel tape is adhesive on one side and steel on the other, allowing you to turn anything into something that will attract a magnet. Here are some examples of things you can do with magnetic tape, magnetic receptive steel tape, and when you use the two together.

Create Air-Tight Seals & Barriers

Magnets are used in weather stripping and refrigerator doors to create air-tight seals. You can take that same principle, using our magnetic tape in conjunction with our steel tape to create your own air-tight seals for things like acrylic social distancing partitions and plexiglass barriers put in place to help mitigate the spread of Covid-19 and other airborne viruses or plastic walls used for dust control during construction.


The magnetic tape / steel tape combo can also be used for soundproofing. Attach the magnetic tape to one side of an acrylic barrier and the steel tape around the opening for affordable DIY soundproofing. The magnetic tape and steel tape will work together to create a soundproof seal.

Create your Own Refrigerator Magnets

Cut a small section of magnetic tape and attached to the back side of small toys, shells, trip souvenirs or photos to turn them into decorations for your fridge.

Storage Labels

Another popular use of magnetic tape is as shelve labels in a warehouse or garage. The magnet sticks to the metal shelving and can be used to label materials on the shelf and can be easily moved if the warehouse or garage is rearranged.

Hang Door Signs

Magnetic receptive tape can be used to hang metal name signs, such as name plaques or room numbers to doors. Stick the adhesive side to the door and as long as the sign is made from a magnetic material it will be magnetized to the door. If not, you can attach a strip of steel tape to the sign and the two will work together hold the sign in place without the use of nails or screws.

Retail & POP Displays

The magnetic tape and steel tape combo can be used to hang signs basically anywhere. Magnetic tape can be applied to posters and other non-magnetic graphics and then attached to steel tape or another magnetic receptive surface for display. This allows for easy change out of messaging and specials as promotions change.

Storing Ferromagnetic Items

A strip of magnetic tape can be used to create a small storage place for items that are attracted to magnets, such as a paper clips, sewing pins and needles and bobby bins.

Craft Projects

From magnetic spice racks and jewelry organizers to chore charts, magnetic tape can be used in so many DIY projects. Just attached small pieces of the tape to the back to create a magnet then stick it to any magnetic receptive surface and you’ll have a neat and efficient way to organize your necklaces, spices and to-do lists.

Where to Buy Magnetic Tape

US Magnetix offers several options of magnetic and magnetic receptive steel tapes to meet all your needs. We offer varying lengths, widths, thicknesses, strengths, and backings for indoor and outdoor use and can help you determine the best magnetic tape for your project. Shop our magnetic tape and magnetic receptive steel tape online or contact us at 800-330-1432 or send us a message if have any questions or need additional information.


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