The Uses & Benefits of Flexible Magnets

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Flexible magnets are everywhere. You can find them in homes and offices, stores and restaurants, on vehicles and refrigerators. With a growing list of applications, you can guess that there are many benefits to using flexible magnets. But what exactly is a flexible magnet? Here we’ll go over what makes a flexible magnet, some of its most common uses and its benefits.

What are flexible magnets?

Flexible magnets may not be as powerful or durable as some of the heavy-duty ceramic or neodymium magnets we sell, but that doesn’t mean they don’t serve a powerful purpose. Thin and flexible, these magnets can be used in a variety of creative applications that you wouldn’t normally think magnets capable of. They are made by bonding a strontium magnetic powder with a flexible vinyl binder. The materials go through an extruder, then are run across a line of permanent magnets and sold as flexible magnetic sheets, magnetic rolls, magnetic strips and label magnets.

What can you do with flexible magnets?

Flexible magnets can be cut with scissors or a knife, die-cut, bent, twisted, coiled, printed on, silk-screened, decorated, or written on with permanent or erasable markers. Because the material they are made from is so versatile and it adheres to a variety of items and surfaces, they can be used for all types of industrial, commercial and consumer applications including:

  • Automotive signage
  • Warehouse labeling
  • O.P. & tradeshow displays
  • Arts and crafts
  • Control charts
  • Menu boards
  • Air-tight seals on windows & doors
  • Social distancing barriers & partitions
  • Soundproof seals
  • Magnet wall systems
  • Package sealing
  • Name badge holders
  • Business Cards
  • Large format graphics & commercial signage


What are the benefits of using flexible magnets?

There are many benefits to using flexible magnetic sheets and they can depend a bit on the specific application. But regardless of the use, we find flexible magnets always offer:

True Flexibility

Flexible magnets allow for extremely creative designs. They can be twisted, bent, slit, and die-cut into any shape you want. Truly the only limitation is your imagination.

Cost Savings

Flexible magnets have become an indispensable marketing tool for businesses big and small. They offer a huge cost savings to the outdated approach of printing onto vinyl and then over laminating it on flexible magnetic sheets.

No Lamination Issues

Laminating vinyl over vinyl was not the best looking or most efficient process. It costs more than using flexible magnets and the results were never as good. Common issues included peeling, improper bonding and the printed vinyl curling.


Printable flexible magnetic sheets don’t fade, curl or peel. They can be used over and over again or left up for extended periods of time without showing wear. They are weather resistant, withstanding sun, rain, heat and cold as well as high wind speeds better than any alternative.

Easy Printing

Flexible magnetic sheets don’t require special printers, making it easy and affordable to get high quality, premium graphics and HD images printed right on them.

Permanent Hold

Flexible magnets are permanent magnets. They won’t lose their holding power unless they are exposed to a more powerful magnetic field.

Online Availability

You can order premium quality flexible magnetics online right now from US Magnetix. We offer a wide selection of flexible magnets including sheets, rolls, tapes and labels or you can contact us for a custom magnet. We specialize in creating unique industrial and promotional magnetic products. To get started, reach out to a member of our team online or by calling (763) 540-9497. We’ll want to know what your magnet will be used for, the needs you have and your design idea. From there, we’ll create your custom magnet, send you a proof for approval. Once approved, we’ll produce your final product.


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