Advantages of Directly Printed Marketing, Promotional & Business Magnets

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From calendars and business cards to high end point of purchase displays and trade show booths to the sides of vehicles, promotional, business and marketing magnets are everywhere. They are stuck to fridges and filing cabinets and used as interchangeable messaging and promotional displays in stores and on cars. Magnets have become an indispensable marketing tool for many businesses, big and small.

There are two ways printers are creating these promotional magnets. In the past, the only option was to print onto the vinyl and then overlaminate it on flexible magnetic sheets. But now there’s a new and better solution.

Print Directly to Magnets

Today’s flexible magnetic sheeting comes with a high quality, printable vinyl surface that can be safely fed through wide-format solvent, eco-solvent, UV and latex inkjet printers. It works much like any other semi-rigid substrate and allows you to print directly onto the magnet in a single pass.

Advantages of Printing Directly to Magnets

Printing onto vinyl and then overlaminating on top of magnetic sheeting is an unnecessary step with disadvantages businesses today can’t afford to ignore. Here are some of the benefits you’ll get with printable flexible magnets from US Magnetix.

Saves You Money

Because you can print directly onto our printable vinyl magnetic sheets, there’s no need to buy additional vinyl or overlaminate it, which saves you material costs. It also removes a step from the production process which reduces labor costs as well as reduces opportunities for costly errors.

Removes Lamination Issues

Strange things can sometimes happen when you laminate vinyl over vinyl. Sometimes the two vinyls don’t bond well, causing the top layer to de-laminate postproduction. This can result in frayed edges that make your finished product look bad or the entire printed layer peeling off. Sometimes the two vinyls absorb heat or moisture differently, causing the finished magnet to curl. Adding an extra layer of vinyl that wasn’t applied by the magnet manufacturer is asking for trouble.

Long-Lasting Superior Performance

Heat, rain, sun, and other elements will pull and shrink the extra layer of vinyl, pulling the edges of the magnet up slightly. But our printable flexible magnetic sheets can take a battering and they won’t fade, curl or peel. They can be used over long periods of time or used and reused again and again without showing signs of wear, even as vehicle signs, which demand the utmost performance from promotional magnets or they won’t stay put.

Simple Printing Process

Printable flexible magnetic sheets don’t require any special printers. They can safely be fed through wide-format solvent, eco-solvent, UV and latex inkjet printers in a single pass. They eliminate the need for overlaminating, creating a simpler, easier, one-step-process for printing premium quality graphics and HD images directly onto the magnetic material.

Printed Promotional Magnets from US Magnetix

Order flexible magnetic sheets from US Magnetix or let us help you create the perfect promotional magnet for your business. From designing, creating, and printing small fridge magnets or large magnetic car signs, US Magnetix can do it all. The only limitation is your imagination. Get started today! Shop our flexible magnetic sheets online or reach out to us by calling 763-540-9497 or sending us an online message for a completely custom promotional magnet design.


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