How to Solve Common P.O.P. Display Issues with Magnets

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A P.O.P. or point-of-purchase display is a special sales promotion located near, on, or next to a checkout counter. They are intended to be attention grabbing and promote products that may be new, on sale or available for a limited time only. But space here is limited and, ideally, traffic volumes are high. Many traditional displays can be bulky, time consuming and difficult to change out or install. Magnets can provide retailers with a variety of effective and simple solutions to some of their most common P.O.P. display issues.

Common P.O.P. Display Issues that Can Be Solved with Magnets
Magnets can make anything from hanging banners to creating full wall displays easier. Here are a few ways they can solve some common P.O.P. display issues.

Often a hanging sign or setting up large displays requires professional installation. Frames and fixtures must be built, mounting holes need to be drilled, but with magnetic P.O.P. displays, there is no need for any of that. Powerful magnetic assemblies attract to any steel surface and offer customizable options such as hooks, knobs, PEMÒ nuts and foam adhesive, perfect for hanging or mounting nearly any type of sign.

Checkout counters don’t offer a lot of extra space. Typically, they are narrow rows designed to funnel consumers out the door quickly. But with magnetic displays, you don’t need any extra bulky framework and often can utilize surfaces that are already there, like the magnetic receptive side of a refrigerator.

Change Out
P.O.P. displays are often utilized for sales and seasonal promotions or products and need to be changed out quickly when the sale, promotion or holiday is over. This can be a time-consuming process, but when you use magnets to hold your signs in place the process is quick, tool free and almost anyone can do it. Frame seasonal messages and time sensitive graphics with acrylic panels held in place with flexible adhesive magnets for an attractive display that’s easy to change out.

Another issue P.O.P. displays tend to have is durability. These high-traffic areas can take a beating and generally are by exits with lots of windows and doors. Paper signage can easily rip and quickly shows wear. Vinyl fades in the sun. But graphics printed directly onto flexible magnetic or receptive sheeting are resistant to tearing and creasing when maintained properly and can even retain color in direct sunlight. Plus, they have permanent magnetism which means their holding power never wears out.

P.O.P. displays can be costly, especially when they need to be replaced often. Magnets provide a durability and reusability that results in a long-lasting, cost effective solution.


Utilize Magnets for Your P.O.P. Display
Magnets can be utilized in nearly any type of display including frame sign holders, clips, gondola sign holders, aisle violators, price card holders and more. They are simple to use, so both customers and staff understand how the display works and because the magnet can be hidden the focus remains on your products, not the display. If you are interested in learning how our magnetic solutions can be applied to your P.O.P. displays, give us a call at 763-540-9497 or send us a message.


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