How & Why Magnets are used for Packaging Closures

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Magnetic closures are becoming an increasingly popular way for designers and retailers to create attractive, innovative and personalized packaging for their products. Magnets offer a unique, high-end experience, while providing easy-to-open and strong repeat closure for packages. They can capture the attention of consumers and help your product stand out, but that’s not the only reason so many manufactures are turning to magnetic closures.

Benefits of Magnetic Closures

From elevating your product presentation to ensuring a good consumer experience, here are a few reasons you may want to consider magnetic closures for your product packaging.

  1. It creates a memorable unboxing experience
  2. Secure, reliable closure that won’t weaken over time or during transit
  3. Reusable making them eco-friendly and providing additional exposure if branded
  4. Easy to open and close
  5. Premium, luxury feel at a relatively cost-effective price

Magnetic Closure Uses

Magnetic closures have revolutionized the way products are packaged and presented to consumers. They can turn a seemingly ordinary package into something sleek and seamless. Or they can provide a functional, consumer-friendly closure for items that need to be repeatedly opened and closed. Here are some places you may find magnetic closures.

  • Luxury gift sets
  • Greeting cards
  • Limited edition box sets of movies or books
  • Sports cards and collectibles
  • Bulk hardware or craft supplies
  • Canisters or boxes of pre-packaged, gourmet food
  • Office or electronic supplies
  • Beauty products and cosmetics
  • Handbags and purses
  • Multi-set tools
  • Toys, puzzles and games
  • High-end marketing materials

Types of Magnets used for Packaging Closures

Magnets can be used to create convenient, durable packaging. Here are three options we recommend for magnetic closures.

Flexible Magnetic Sheets or Tape

If you don’t need a super strong hold and it’s not important for the magnet to be hidden, flexible sheet magnets or magnetic tape can be a easy option for a magnetic closure. The material is easy to work with and cost effective. It can bend and be cut with a regular scissors into any size or shape required. It is not strong enough, however, to attract through any barrier, so it will need to be applied directly to the matching flexible magnet or magnetic receptive steel strip.

Neodymium Magnets & Steel

Neodymium magnets are known as the world’s strongest magnets. When matched with a steel strike plate they offer a strong closure option that in many cases can be hidden. Both the neodymium magnet and the magnetic receptive steel plate are available with an adhesive backing, saving you time and effort when assembling your packaging.

Two Neodymium Magnets

If you are looking for a real powerful snap, a magnet-to-magnet closure is your best option. Whether hidden or exposed, two neodymium magnets will give you the strongest closure solution. Compact in size, they provide convenient, durable and reuseable, high-end packaging.

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