How Coatings Affect a Magnet

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You may have noticed that the Neodymium magnets we sell are nickel plated. We also sell ceramic magnets that are nickel or steel plated and other magnetic assemblies. But have you ever wondered why and if the coatings have an affect on the magnetic strength?

Why are Magnets Plated?

Magnet plating refers to the process of adding a protective layer to the surface of a magnet. Plating or coating is an important consideration when purchasing a magnet. The main reason for plating a magnet is to provide a barrier against corrosion. Neodymium magnets in particular are brittle, leaving them susceptible to damage and corrosion and they should always be coated. Magnets that will be used outdoors or in wet or humid environments should also be coated.

Benefits of Plated Magnets

The coating can affect the durability, functionality and appearance of the magnet. The protective layer can perform several benefits including:

  • Prevent oxidation and corrosion
  • Enhance durability and increase lifespan
  • Prevent chips and scratches
  • Improve aesthetics

Plated Magnets & Magnetic Strength

Plated magnets have additional durability, but it can sometimes come at a cost. The coating comes between the magnet and the object it’s attracting and depending on what that coating is, it can increase or decrease the strength of the magnet.

Increased Magnetic Strength

Nickel and other metal coatings and assemblies help transfer magnetic fields, such as our round base ceramic magnet with steel casing. Here, the magnet and casing are magnetized together to create a holding force that is considerably stronger than an individual magnet. Our round base assemblies are up to 32 times stronger than ceramic magnets by themselves.

Decreased Strength

However, that is not the case with rubber and plastic coatings. These coating will maintain a certain distance between the magnetic field and the object being attracted, which can significantly reduce the magnet’s strength. If you need to a rubber or plastic coating, for say waterproof, non-slip or color coating applications, you may need a larger magnet to make up for the lost strength.

Get the Right Plated Magnet with US Magnetix

Whether you are looking for a ceramic magnetic assembly or a plated Neodymium magnet, US Magnetix can help. We offer many customizable size and shape options to choose from for the perfect fit. Shop our magnets online now or contact us if you’re not exactly sure what magnet to choose. We’re more than happy to help you determine the perfect magnet for your application or project.


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