Benefits of Rotary Die-Cutting

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Rotary die-cutting is a form of high-speed, precision manufacturing that uses a cylindrical die and a specialized press to cut identically shaped parts. The press feeds thin, flexible material, sometimes referred to as a web, between the die and the cutting surface or anvil. The die’s cutting edge pinches the material against the anvil producing cleanly-cut parts, slits or perforations.

Rotary Die Cutting Advantages

Rotary die-cutting is an exceptionally advanced and high-performance die-cutting method that can offer advantages compared to other methods.


Compared to flatbed die-cutting, which has a lot of stopping and starting as the cut is stamped, and laser cutting, which requires a lot of adjustments, rotary die-cutting is far more efficient, allowing for faster production and less lead time.


Rotary die-cutting presses are also capable of performing other material converting activities in-line such as lamination, printing, slitting, perforating and matrix stripping. Additionally, the die itself can handle complex designs, multi-layered materials and have multiple blade heights and angles.


Rotary die-cutting is incredibly precise. The cuts can be complex and since the design is permanently engraved into the cylindrical rotary die, they can be repeated with an exceptionally high degree of accuracy, producing identical results.

Less Waste

The high degree of precision allows the die cut designs to be tightly spaced together, reducing wasted material.

Disadvantages of Rotary Die-Cutting

Despite the many advantages of rotary die-cutting it is not a perfect process, and it is not the best option for all projects. Here are a few downfalls associated with rotary die-cutting.


The most significant limitation when it comes to rotary die-cutting is the materials it’s able to convert. Materials must be thin (ideally 1/8” thick or less), flexible and on roll, which eliminates thick foams or stiff, multi-layer laminations. Additionally, each rotary die-cutting press will have a maximum width of material it’s able to handle.


The up-front production costs associated with rotary die-cutting can be higher than those for flatbed or laser die-cutting because of the cost associated with producing the cylindrical die. However, it can still be a cost-efficient option especially for high volume runs and multi-process material converting.

Rotary Converting & Die Cutting from US Magnetix

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