5 Reasons to Use Custom Magnetic Calendars To Market your Business

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Custom magnetic calendars are a practical, powerful way to give your business more visibility. The one-time investment can serve as a constant reminder, putting your business, products or services at the forefront of consumer’s minds every single day for an entire year. Here are some of the biggest benefits to using magnetic calendars to market your business.

Why Are Custom Magnetic Refrigerator Calendars an Effective Marketing Tool?

Our custom calendars with magnetic strips are one of our most popular promotional magnets. Here’s what we think makes them so effective.

Magnetic Calendars are Practical

Whether hanging on your fridge or your office wall, chances are your calendar gets looked at every single day. Promoting your brand with a magnetic calendar provides your potential customer with a practical item they could end up using every single day. Additionally, fridge magnets are often used to hold important notes, reminders, or shopping lists, giving them yet another practical use. Promoting your business with such a useful and convenient item helps to create a positive brand association in the minds of your customers.

Magnetic Calendars are Affordable

Compared to other marketing strategies, magnetic calendars are a cost-effective solution. While production costs vary depending on customization and quantity, the initial cost is substantially less than traditional or digital advertising costs with the same kind of exposure. Additionally, there are no recurring expenses or ongoing fees. Light weight and compact, they can even be mailed out for a relatively low cost.

Magnetic Calendars Last

High-quality promotional magnets are extremely durable and unlike other promotional products that are easily discarded or lost, magnets tend to stay where you put them. Once stuck to a fridge or filing cabinet, it’s likely that your calendar magnet will stay there for at least the next 12 months, giving your business year-round exposure and visibility.

Magnetic Calendars Get a Lot of Exposure

We’ve touched on this already, but it’s worth highlighting just how much exposure magnet calendars can get. Magnetic fridge calendars provide continuous exposure of your brand for a year at a one-time cost. Once on a refrigerator, they become an integral part of a person’s daily routine, offering repeated exposure every time someone opens or passes their fridge – which is estimated to be about 15 times a day. That’s 15 times each day for a year that they see your brand, your logo, your message, your contact information, reinforcing brand recall and establishing a lasting impression.

Magnetic Calendars are Customizable

From straightforward and simple to crazy and fun, the possibilities for customization when it comes to magnetic calendars is nearly endless. They can be cut into any shape, designed with a full range of colors and fonts, and feature any graphic, picture or message you like. With so many options and possibilities, not only is it fun to create your custom magnetic calendar, but you’ll be able to come up with a design that resonates with your target audience increasing its value.

What Types of Businesses can benefit from a Magnetic Calendar?

Calendar magnets can be used for all types of brands and businesses. We’ve created calendars for restaurants, lawyers, medical clinics and other service-based businesses. We’ve also created calendars for churches, schools and personal use. Here are some of the industries that really seem to benefit the most and how they use them.

Schools, Colleges & Universities

Magnetic calendars are a great way to make sure students, teachers and parents are in the know all year round.

Sports Teams

Magnetic calendars can be used to highlight team sports schedules from little league all the way up to the pros.

Service Businesses

Service businesses like plumbers, lawn care and home repair companies can significantly boost visibility with a magnetic calendar.

Real Estate Agents

Realtors can reach prospective clients all year long with convenient magnetic refrigerator calendars.

Restaurants & Bars

Sports bars and restaurants can benefit from providing magnetic calendars with local team schedules or their own weekly specials.

Religious & Spiritual Organizations

Magnetic fridge calendars are a great way for churches, mosques, synagogues and religious nonprofits to remind members and visitors about upcoming events and holidays.

Personal Use

Planning a wedding? A calendar makes a perfect guest gift as a reminder of your special day. Looking for a unique holiday card? Use a magnetic calendar for a gift that keeps on giving.

Order a Custom Magnetic Calendar Today

Promote your business all year with a custom calendar magnet from US Magnetix. Send us a message online or give us a call at 763-540-9497 to get started creating your very own custom magnetic calendar. Free quotes and samples are available.


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