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Promotional magnets are an excellent way to boost your business’s staying power and keep your product or service top of mind. Photo and “Save the Date” magnets are becoming increasingly popular. Small but powerful industrial magnets are used in everyday products, crafts and around them home. But have you ever wondered how these magnets get shipped and if there’s a proper way to send them through the mail? From promotional magnets to industrial magnets, we’ll help you through the ins and outs of how to properly mail magnets.

Mailing Flat Sheet Promotional & Photo Magnets

When it comes to flat sheet magnets often used for businesses, wedding “Save the Dates” and annual family photos, the rules are pretty straightforward. However improper packaging could lead to shipping problems or damage to other items, we recommend you take some care in shipping.

USPS offers the following guidelines for sending flat magnets through the regular mail:

  • Magnets must be enclosed in a sealed envelope.
  • The mail piece must be uniformly thick and no thicker than 1/32.
  • The magnetic surface cannot exceed 26 square inches.
  • Magnets cannot shift excessively within the envelope.
  • The magnetic surface may face either the address or the non-address side.

We recommend choosing a magnet size that fits snuggly in a standard sized envelope like a 4×6. If you choose a smaller size magnet like a 3.5 x 2-inch business card size, you will want to affix your magnet to a card or piece of cardstock that fits snuggly in the envelope. While you may be able to find mini envelopes that fit smaller photos, they cannot always be mailed. We also recommend using a thicker envelope made from at least 80lb paper or even a lined or a double envelope just to make sure the magnet doesn’t attach itself to anything on its way through the mail.

Mailing Decorative Fridge Magnets

Decorative fridge magnets make great mementos and souvenirs. They are typically not powerful enough to pose any issues when mailed, but you will still want to properly pack them. This will ensure that they do not get stuck in postal equipment or get damaged during transit. Here are some tips on how to properly pack and ship refrigerator magnets.

Tips for Shipping Fridge Magnets

  • Place smaller, flatter and more sturdy refrigerator magnets in padded envelopes or small boxes.
  • Fragile ones should be bubble wrapped before being placed in a snug fitting box
  • If shipping more than one, wrap each magnet individually before placing in shipping box and then fill the box around each magnet with crumpled paper, more bubble wrap or other packing material to prevent magnets from shifting.

Mailing Industrial Magnets by Ground

When mailing industrial magnets there are several things to keep in mind. Since these magnets are stronger, it’s possible for their magnetic field to go beyond their shipping container. This could allow them to become stuck to truck walls, the inside of the mailbox, interfere with surrounding objects or cause disruptions with the postal services sorting machines. If the magnetic field is unconfined during transport, your package will have to be labeled appropriately. However, there are a few steps you can take to reduce your package’s magnetic field that will make them safe for shipping.

Arrange Your Magnets to Reduce the Magnetic Field

If you are shipping several magnets together, you can massively reduce the magnetic field simply by how you arrange the magnets within the package. You’ll want to package the magnets so the poles alternate and neutralized the magnetic field.

  • Two bar magnets should be arranged so their north poles face opposite directions.
  • Several disc magnets can be arranged into even rows, once again with poles pointing in opposite directions.
  • Sphere magnets can be arranged in a circle with the same number of north poles and south poles of the individual magnets pointing the same direction.

Increase Distance to Decrease Magnetic Field

A magnet’s magnetic field decreases very quickly over distance. So, another way to decrease your packages magnetism is to ship a rather large box with the magnets positioned in the middle of it. This will create distance between your magnets and anything outside the package. You can fill the space around your magnets with paper, bubble wrap or any other packing material. Just make sure the magnets are secured in the middle so they cannot shift to the sides during transport.

Shield The Magnetic Force

Another option for reducing the magnet field of a magnet for shipping would be to create a magnetic shield using sheet steel. By encasing your magnet in a piece of sheet steel or placing it in a steel-lined box, you can “short circuit” the magnet and neutralize its magnet field. The piece of sheet steel does not have to touch your magnet, but it does need to extend from the north pole all the way to the south pole. The stronger the magnet, the more complete the shielding needs to be and the thicker the sheet steel should be.

Shipping Magnets by Air

Regulations for shipping magnets by air are stringent. Powerful magnets have a chance of disrupting compass readings, creating potentially hazardous conditions if electronic navigation systems fail. In order for magnets to be shipped by air they must:

  • Have a magnetic field strength of 5.25 milligauss or less at 15 feet from the surface of the package.
  • If the package has a magnetic field strength of 5.25 milligauss or more at 7 feet from the package, it must be labeled as Magnetic.

Magnets are often shipped in steel-lined boxes to remain below this limit.

Reliable Magnet Shipping & Delivery from US Magnetix

Before shipping or mailing magnets it’s best to check with your shipper to make sure you are meeting all of their regulations, or you can rely on the experts at US Magnetix. We are a full-service magnet shop and know all the ins and outs necessary to ensure your magnets get delivered safely. We sell a wide variety of industrial magnets, offer custom printed promotional magnets, packaging and direct mail. If you can think it, we can design it, create it and ship it. Contact us at 800-330-1432 or reach out online for help designing the perfect custom magnet.


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