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Magnets are great at staying where you stick them but unlike stickers, they can be just as easily be unstuck. No hard to remove stickers. No left behind residue. This makes magnets a great tool for organizing and labeling. Super convenience and easy to use, magnet labels can streamline your labeling process and keep your shelves neat, clean and uniform.

Benefits of Label Magnets

Whether you’re organizing shelves in a warehouse, tools in a garage, supplies in an office or a walk-in freezer at a restaurant, there are many benefits to using magnets to label your supplies.


Magnets are simple and easy to use. As labels, they can easily organize and identify your shelves making your materials easier to find and your business more efficient.

Removable & Reusable

Your inventory and storage needs don’t always stay the same. Using adhesive magnets instead of sticker labels means you can easily move your label with your supplies as many times as you need.


There’s no need to scrape off left behind labels, tape or sticky residue when you use magnets.

Saves Paper

Reusable magnets mean you don’t have to reprint every time you move or reorganize. Magnetic strips can even be laminated or coated with a dry-erase surface for easy updates.


Sheet magnets can be cut to whatever size or shape you need. They can be printed exactly how you need them with color codes, barcodes, QR codes and more.


Different Types of Label Magnets

There are a few different styles of flexible magnets that we recommend using as labels.

White Vinyl Magnets

These sheet magnets have a white vinyl surface that can be written on with a dry erase marker and easily wiped off. These are a great labeling option if you have to make frequent changes. They can be cut to size with a standard scissors or a utility knife.

Magnetic Rolls

This is another flexible magnet with matte white vinyl printable or writeable surface but sold on a roll instead of a sheet. These come in different thicknesses which determine their strength. They can be written on, pre-printed or pre-scored to a standard label size and used with sticker labels or custom scored to any width or length you need.

Adhesive Magnetic Strip

Magnet on one side and permanent adhesive on the other, adhesive magnetic strips make labeling easy. Print on any non-adhesive surface and apply it to the adhesive side of the magnet for your very own custom labels. These magnets can also be pre-scored for easy use.

Adhesive Label Magnets

These are adhesive magnets that look just like sticker labels. They come on a big roll with gaps for automatic or hand application. They are available in a variety of widths and thicknesses and have an easy release liner that you pull back to expose the adhesive. You can apply a variety of substrates and objects to the adhesive and create your own custom magnet label.

Buy Magnet Labels Online

Magnets can make labeling simply, easy and maybe even fun. Shop our flexible sheet, adhesive magnetic strips and magnetic labels online now. If you have any questions or are looking for a custom solution to help organize your materials, send us a message or reach out to us by calling 763-540-9497.


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