How to Strengthen a Magnet

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Magnets are everywhere. You can find them all around your home, sticking things to your refrigerator and keeping your cabinet doors closed. They are used in electronics, industrial applications and more. Overtime, some magnets lose their charge and get weaker. Other magnets are too weak to begin with to do what we need. It’s not always possible to make a magnet stronger, but under some certain circumstances it is possible to strengthen a magnet.

5 Ways to Make a Magnet Stronger

  1. Relocate

Some magnets can be made weaker because of their surroundings. Heat and radiation from electrical devices such as microwave ovens, wireless routers and computers can affect the strength of a magnet. Common fridge magnets can be made weaker from repeated exposure to heat if they are close to the stove or oven. Moving weak magnets away from electrical appliances and sources of heat or radiation can improve their strength.

  1. Recharge with a Stronger Magnet

Sometimes it is possible to recharge a magnet that has lost some of its original charge with a stronger magnet. You can try rubbing a heavy-duty, strong magnet against the weaker one, using linear strokes in one direction for about 15 minutes. The stronger magnet may be able to realign the magnetic domains of the weaker magnet, therefore allowing it to regain some of its original strength.

  1. Expose it to Cold

You may be able to strengthen a weakened magnet by placing it in your freezer for a day or so. By exposing the weakened magnet to freezing temperatures, the molecules in the magnet will have less kinetic energy and will slow down. This decreased movement will allow the atoms to line up better creating a more concentrated magnetic field which will result in a stronger magnet.

  1. Strike It

If you have an iron bar magnet, it may be possible to strengthen it by striking one end of it repeatedly with a hammer. First fill a bowl with water and float something on top of it that will hold the magnet. Allow the magnet to twirl in the water until it comes to a stop with each end pointing directly north and south. Remove the magnet from the water and lay it on hard surface in the exact some north-south position. Then repeatedly strike one end of the magnet with a hammer. The force may be enough to knock the magnetic domains back into a north-facing position, strengthening the magnet force of the iron bar.

  1. Stack Magnets Together

One other way to make a weak magnet stronger is to stack more of them together. The stacked magnets will work as one to exert a greater magnetic force. The more magnets you stack, the stronger they will be. That is, until the length of the stack is equal to the diameter of the magnet.

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