How to Properly Care for a Magnet

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Whether you purchase magnets for craft projects or as part of a manufacturing process, proper care and storage can help your magnets stay stronger for longer. To get the most out of your magnets, it’s important to protect them and maintain them. This will ensure they last as long as they can, helping you get more out of your investment.

Magnet Care and Maintenance

Extend the life of your magnets with these care and storage tips.

Use a Magnet Keeper

A magnet keeper is small iron or steel bar that’s used to prevent a permanent magnet from becoming demagnetized. It’s placed across the poles to complete the magnetic circuit and stop external metal from becoming attracted to the magnet.

Store Magnets in Pairs

To prevent the two south or two north magnet poles of different magnets from touching, store your magnets in pairs with the unlike poles on the same side. If both poles of the same alignment (north and north or south and south) are allowed to touch, the magnetic fields will repel and cause the magnet to weaken over time.

Store Magnets in a Dry Place

Magnets can be susceptible to corrosion and rust if stored in damp environments. This can lead an air gap that prevents the magnet from producing a secure bond on ferromagnetic materials. Laminated flexible magnets that become wet can bubble and distort. If you are using a magnet in a wet environment, make sure it’s designed for water and is cleaned and dried regularly.

Avoid Ferromagnetic Storage Containers

Keep your magnets in a non-ferromagnetic or a non-magnetic, iron free container, like a wooden box or a plastic container. This well help prevent your magnets from attracting any metal debris.

Store Away from High Temps

Keep your magnets stored away from heat sources. Prolonged exposure to high temperatures will cause your magnets to weaken over time.

Store Away from Electric Currents

Strong electrical currents can disrupt a magnet’s magnetic field and cause it to demagnetize. Store your magnets away from anything that gives off an electrical current, including microwave ovens, wireless routers and computers, as they can affect the strength of a magnet.

Protect with a Magnetic Assembly

Many magnets are sold as a magnetic assembly, with a protective casing or coating that surrounds the magnet. A magnetic assembly can help protect the surface of the magnet, prevent slippage and can even focus the magnetic force in one direction.

Start with High-Quality Magnets

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