Clever Ways to Use Magnets at Work & Home

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While magnets are often used in intricate gadgets working behind the scenes in our day-to-day lives, they can also be used to solve common life problems on the job or at home. Their effectiveness, reliability and simplicity make them excellent tools to have on hand. With a little creativity, you can turn any magnet into a time and stress saving tool.

6 Uses for Magnets That Can Make Tasks Easier

Here are a few of our favorite clever, yet practical uses for magnets.

Remove batteries

Replacing dead batteries can be a pain especially if they are small. Instead of prying a tight battery out of place the next time you need to change them, try pulling them out with a magnet.

Find a Stud

In a pinch, a small but powerful neodymium magnet can help you located metal studs. Slowly drag the magnet along the wall until you feel the pull. You can even leave the magnet attached to the wall as you use another magnet to find the next stud.

Quick Clean Up

Make quick work of picking up dropped pins, needles, paperclips or nails by using a magnet to collect them. Better yet, glue a magnet to the bottom of the outside of a small container and hold it open over your dropped items and use the magnet to collect the material into the container for you.

Organize Wires

Keep charging cords, USB cables and other cables at the ready by wrapping a small compression spring – old pen spring works great too – around the end of the cable near the charging port. Then attach a self-adhesive disc magnet to the back of your desk or table and attach the cable to it to keep it from falling or getting tangled.

Cover a Vent

If you have a room you aren’t using or vent that is blasting you, you can stop that unpleasant draft, save energy and cut heating and cooling costs with the help of flexible sheet magnets. Simply cut the flexible magnet to size with a scissors and attach it to the vent cover.

Secure a Tablecloth

A strong wind can ruin a picnic, but with a few magnets you can at least keep your tablecloth from blowing away. Use two magnets to pin the corners together under the table.

Solve Your Problems with US Magnetix

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