Winterize Your Home with Magnets

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Whether you are trying to keep warm in a drafty house or lower your energy bill, it’s a great idea to winter-proof your home ahead of the freezing temps. Now’s a great time to add extra layers of insulation and seal up any cracks. We also have a few budget and energy friendly ideas on how you can winterize your home with magnets.

Magnetic Winter-Proofing Ideas for Your Home

Using magnets can be a great way to temporarily winterize your home. They stay strong when you want, holding through the harshest winters, but will easily come down in the spring, often without a trace. Keep the warm air in and the cold air out with these magnetic winter-proofing ideas.

Magnetic Window Covers

Inefficient windows are one of the biggest offenders of winter heating loss. Insulating them is one of the quickest and easiest ways to keep out the cold this winter and you can do it with a magnetic window cover. If you already have magnetic window trim, you can easily cut a piece of vinyl or clear plastic to size and glue or attached adhesive strip magnets along the edges. Then attach it to your window frame for a nice air-tight seal. If you don’t have magnetic window trim you can apply three coats of magnetic paint or first install a magnetic receptive strip.

Window Treatments

Placing heavy drapes or curtains over your windows is another way to reduce heat loss this winter. To provide an even better barrier to the cold, we suggest using magnets to help keep them in place. You can sew small magnets along the edges or apply magnetic tape to seal them around the window to reduce drafts.

Magnetic Vent Covers

Any vents in your home that aren’t used for heat or heat vents in an unoccupied room can be covered over winter to cut down on heating costs. Using magnets is a great way to temporarily cover your vents. Often vents are made from magnetic or magnetic receptive materials and can either use a flexible sheet magnet to simply cover the whole vent or you can cut and attach magnetic tape or stripping to piece of vinyl. You can also use magnets to attach air deflectors to any vents that are partially obstructed by furniture to help direct the heat.

Under Door Draft Stoppers

Draft guards are a quick, easy and effective way to seal out the cold from around your doors. They are also relatively cheap and come in a variety of styles. We are particularly fond of the magnetic ones because they will stay in place when you open and close your door. You can buy them, but it’s also possible to make them with a little sewing. You would just need a length of fabric and either sand or uncooked rice to fill them. Attach a magnetic strip along the top and you have a draft stopper that will stop the cold, but not your door.

Winterize Your Doggy Door

If you have a dog door, you have another point of entry where cold air can come in and warm air can escape. There are a few things you can do to help winterize it. First make sure there aren’t any gaps or holes. If there are, you’ll want to use a silicone caulk to fill them. You can add weatherstripping around the dog door frame. Reinforce any flimsy flaps with an industrial plastic curtain or add a second flap. One more thing you can do is to add magnets to the bottom of the door to keep the flaps in place.

Winter-Proof Your Home with US Magnetix

Stay warm and toasty all winter long by winter-proofing your home. Just a little bit of preparation will keep your home warmer and your heating costs down. Plus, we’re here to help you find the right magnet for the job. Shop our online magnet store, give us a call at 763-540-9497 or send us a message. We carry a wide variety of promotional magnets and industrial magnets, including ceramic magnets, neodymium magnets, flexible sheet magnets and magnetic tape.


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