Uses for Industrial Magnets

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Not every magnet is meant to be displayed front and center on your fridge. Just look around your home or office and you’ll find a wide range of products that were made with the help of a magnet or contain one. Without industrial magnets trade show displays, box closures, automobile sensors, speakers, computers and even some of the food we consume wouldn’t be the same.

What are Industrial Magnets Used For?

There are many applications for industrial magnets. Depending on the specific needs of the application, different types of magnets are used. Neodymium magnets, ceramic magnets, electromagnets and alnico magnets are some of the most commonly used industrial magnets. Here are some of the ways industrial magnets are used.

Lifting & Hoisting

Industrial magnets are often used in manufacturing and warehouses for lifting and hoisting bulky or heavy objects like sheet steel, iron plates and castings, car engines and more. They can make loading and unloading safer and easier by allowing workers to handle heavy objects with ease. High-powered lifting magnets are placed over metal objects and activated to hold it while it’s moved to the desired location.

Separating & Sorting

Industrial magnets can be used to separate desired materials from contaminates. The mining industry uses magnets to separate ore from metal. Food production and pharmaceuticals use magnets to remove excess iron from contaminating products. Magnets are used to remove dangerous scrap metal from roads and airport runways. They are used by the recycling industry to remove iron scraps from junkyards to be recycled. Magnets are even used remove impurities during the manufacturing of plastics, glass and ceramics.


Speakers and other audio equipment such as microphones and headphones use magnets to produce sound by converting electrical energy into mechanical energy or sound waves. Computers, hard drives, CD driver heads, floppy disks, and hard disks all rely on the use of magnets. Even electric fans use magnets in the motor to change electricity into motion.

Automotive Industry

The automotive industry makes good use of industrial magnets. They are used to hold components together during manufacturing and assembly, for lifting heavy parts and in locking systems, anti-lock brake systems, windshield wipers, seat belt indicators and other sensors.

Healthcare & Wellness

Magnets are also used by the health care industry, playing a vital role in diagnostic devices such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). They are used to relive pain, improve blood flow and promote health and wellness through a process called magnotherapy. They are also used in drug delivery systems, various orthopedic procedures, and dental applications.

Other Applications

Magnets are used by many other industries as well. They are used in the making of business signage, store displays, tradeshow booths, DIY crafters and even in levitation of drones and flying toys. Magnets are often used for organizing in homes, offices and commercial and warehouse settings.

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