Surprising & Common Uses for Countersunk Magnets

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Countersunk magnets go by a bunch of different names. You may know them as round base, round cup, cup or RB magnets. Regardless of what you call these ring-shaped magnets with a sunken hole, they are highly useful for a variety of commercial and home tasks.

What are Countersunk Magnets?

Countersunk magnets look like washers with a raised surface and a hole in the center. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and strengths, are usually made from neodymium and are used whenever you need to securely fasten a magnet to an object or surface.

The wedge and the hole allow the magnet to be anchored in place using a single screw. The countersunk hole is created at a 90-degree angle to accommodate a standard flat-head screw. The screw then sits flush or even slightly below the surface when affixed. While you can glue magnets, this is a far more effective and permanent way of anchoring a magnet.

Countersunk Magnet Facts

Here are a couple quick, general facts about countersunk magnets you should know before purchasing.

  1. Countersunk neodymium magnetics are very strong with a magnetic pull five to ten times greater than ceramic (hard ferrite) magnets.
  2. The magnetic holding force is focused on the working side of a countersunk magnet, and it is significantly stronger than an individual magnet. The back side typically has very little or no magnetic force.
  3. The polarity of a countersunk magnet doesn’t matter if attracting a piece of steel or other magnetic receptive material. Polarity only matters if you are attracting to another magnet.
  4. The screw material won’t affect the magnet force much, so don’t worry about what screw you use, as long as it is the right size.
  5. Be careful not to over tighten the screw, as countersunk magnets are brittle and too many turns of the screw can cause the neodymium to crack.
  6. Most neodymium countersunk magnets are nickel encased to protect against corrosion and oxidation.
  7. You should always use caution when handling neodymium magnets as their force may cause them to attract to metal or each other and it can be painful on the fingers if pinched together.

Uses for Neodymium Countersunk Magnets

Neodymium countersunk magnets can be used for any application where high-magnetic strength is needed. They are ideal for situations when you need to securely fasten a magnet to an object or surface and are often used for lifting, holding, positioning, and mounting. Here are a few examples of countersunk magnets in use.

Magnetic Latches & Closures

Countersunk magnets can be used to keep stubborn cabinets and drawers closed as well as filing cabinets and lockers.

Magnetic Door Closures & Doorstops

Hold doors open or closed using countersunk magnets attached to the floor at the edge of a door or on a doorstop on the wall behind it. This is a popular hack for sliding barn doors.

Hidden Compartments & Removable Panels

Make a removable access panel using countersunk magnets in your wall or ceiling or a secret compartment for hiding valuables.

Metal Tool Organizer

Hang your metal tools of all shapes and sizes on the wall behind your work bench with strong countersunk neodymium magnets.

Magnet Sweeper

Attach a countersunk magnet on to a handle with a screw for an easy DIY magnet sweeper for picking up nails and other magnetic materials around your home or garage.

Moving Models & Miniatures

Bring your model planes and trains to life with moveable joints made from countersunk magnets. Countersunk magnets can be used with steel balls to connect moving train sections or spinning blades on planes and helicopters.

Magnetic Bottle Opener

A countersunk magnet attached to a bottle opener not attaches to the fridge so you always know where it is, but it can also catch the caps.

Hanging Art

Make hanging art a work of art with countersunk magnets. Sandwich art between magnets for a unique look or easily change out frames.

Educational Science Experiment

An easy and fun science experiment can be done with a hollow pyramid of bar magnets and a countersunk magnet. Using the magic of magnetism, the countersunk magnet will spin around the pyramid without touching it.

Shop Countersunk Magnets from US Magnetix

US Magnetix offers a countersunk neodymium magnet with a countersunk hole perfect for a #6 screw. These magnets have been used in displays, closures, POP signage, and much more. They are nickel plated, grade N42 and are 10x stronger than the strongest ceramic magnet. Buy our countersunk neodymium magnet online or contact us at 800-330-1432 for help picking the perfect magnet for your project.


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