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Magnets can sometimes feel magical. They work in predictable, yet mesmerizing ways that can be captivating and mysterious. Here are a few of our favorite magnetic tricks that can be used to add little mystery to this spooky time of year.

Spooky Tricks to Play with Magnets

Add a little mystery and magic to your Halloween with these magnetic tricks and treats.

The Floating Ghost

Here’s a fun Halloween trick where you can make a miniature ghost float using a magnet, paper clip and light string or dental floss.

First make a little paper ghost and glue it to your paper clip. Then attach one end of your string to your ghost and the other to any fixed surface like the top of a table.

Then grab your magnet, we recommend using a strong Neodymium magnet, and hold it above your paper clip ghost. Your ghost will float up and try to make contact with the magnet, but the string will prevent it from floating all the way up, leaving your paperclip ghost hovering in the air.

Gravity Defying Ball Drop

Defy gravity with this simple magnetic field demonstration that uses a copper pipe and a round Neodymium magnet.

You’ll need a round neodymium magnet and a length of copper piping that has a diameter just a little bigger than your magnet. Then, while holding the copper piping vertically, drop your magnetic ball down the pipe and watch. Instead of dropping down the pipe as you’d expect, the ball will slowly float down the tube creating a miniature magnetic field.

Munching on Metal

A lot of the food we eat contains iron. It’s an essential part of our health and diet, but we don’t always think about what that really means. That there’s metal, little flecks of it, in our food. And if it’s iron, it’s magnetic. So, here’s a fun magnetic trick to play with your morning cereal.

You’ll need a strong neodymium magnet and a breakfast cereal with a high amount of iron, like bran flakes. Mash the cereal up until you have a fine powder. Then take your neodymium magnet and try to separate out iron. If it works, little black specks will appear on your magnet. If you have a strong enough magnet, you may be able to attract the cereal without mashing it up.

Haunted Objects

Give guests the creeps when objects in your home appear move on their own. All you need is a magnetic object like a pair of scissors, key ring or a small tool and a strong neodymium magnet.

Place your magnetic object on top of a table. Then, as discreetly as possible, slip your hand with the other magnet under the table. You can pull the magnetic objects around the table making it look like they are moving around on their own.

Pull off These Magnetic Tricks with Help from US Magnetix

Magnets can be a lot of fun and help add a little mystery to your Halloween. Whether you’re looking to pull off a prank or craft up some magic, we’re here to help you find the perfect magnet for your needs. Shop our online magnet store where you’ll find a wide selection of Neodymium magnets to help you pull off these tricks or if you’re not sure what you need give us a quick call at 763-540-9497 or send us a message. We’d be more than happy to talk through your project to find the right magnet for you.


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