Creative Ways to Make Your Promotional Magnets More Attractive

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Personalized magnetic business cards and promotional magnets are a highly effective marketing tool. They can be attractive, cost effective, durable and leave a lasting impression. They pull double duty decorating surfaces while displaying shopping lists and important reminders. When placed on high traffic zones like refrigerators and filing cabinets, they attract a lot of attention with multiple impressions each day, keeping your brand top of mind. So how do you ensure your business magnet gets premium fridge placement?

Unique Promotional Magnet Ideas

Cut through the clutter and stand out with a unique promotional magnet for your business. Here are a few creative ways to make your promotional magnets get noticed.

Magnetic Calendar

Whether it’s a calendar for the new year or a team schedule, magnetic calendars are a popular addition to promotional magnets. They give the magnet a useful purpose that could give you an entire year of exposure.

Magnetic Picture Frame

Give customers a unique, fun and easy way to display favorite photos on their fridge, locker or filing cabinet and stay top of mind at the same time with a branded magnetic picture frame. They can be custom printed however you choose with any punch-out shape magnet in the middle.

Unique Shapes

Think outside the rectangle and have a little fun with shape of your magnet. We’ve done paw prints for animal shelters, houses for real estate agents, wrenches for plumbers. With our high-tech rotary converting equipment, the possibilities are endless and so is the staying power of our die-cut promotional magnets since people love to keep them just for their fun shapes.

Magnetic Tools

Whoever said your promotional magnet had to be flat. If it has a useful purpose, customers are more likely to keep it. The more useful it is, the more prominent placement in their home it will get. Consider branding a tool such as a clip, key hook, flashlight, dry erase marker or other useful item that ties into your business and making it magnetic.

Special Offers

Nothing earns a place on the fridge like a special offer or a coupon. Make it easy for your customers by offering them magnetic coupons. The entire coupon doesn’t need to be a full magnet. We can add a magnet strip at the top of your offers, allowing the coupons to be separated from the magnet as needed.

Magnetic Poetry

For a truly unique and customized promotional marketing magnet, consider a custom set of magnetic poetry. Using words, sayings, and icons of your choosing, we can create a truly a unique marketing message that your current and prospective customers will be excited to display and use.

Get Creative with Promotional Magnets from US Magnetix

Magnets can do so much more than hold a piece of paper to your fridge. They have the power to make a memorable statement about your business. The more creative and fun, the more likely your promotional magnet will be an effective marketing tool. When it comes to custom promotional magnets, your imagination is the only limitation. Let’s get creative together. Shop our promotional magnets online now or send us an online message to get started creating your promotional magnet today.


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