US Magnetix COVID-19 Update

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As we continue to monitor the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus), we wanted to take a moment to share with you the plans we have in place to minimize the impact of COVID-19 on our customers and employees. We are following the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and combining that with our own business continuity plans in order to continue operations at an optimum level.

We believe education is the first step and have been sharing updated information with our staff as we received it from the CDC and other qualified healthcare professionals. It has been and continues to be our goal to provide our team with accurate information, so they are aware of the actual risks posed by the coronavirus and know the proper steps to prevent its spread. We will continue to monitor the health and safety of all our employees as we balance the needs of our clients and the community as a whole. Below is an outline of the precautionary measures we are currently focused on.

Our Employees: The health and wellness of our employees is of our utmost concern. Workers who are able to are being encouraged to work remotely. At this time that includes our sales, estimating and accounting staff. We are in the process of adding those capabilities to our phone receptionist and graphics team. US Magnetix has always put a strong emphasis on cross-training employees in our production and administration departments in order to maintain efficient operations. We believe this training and redundancy will serve us well and allow us to continue to serve our clients at a high level throughout this period of uncertainty

Redundant Printing Operations: In the event it becomes necessary, US Magnetix, along with peer members of the National Print Owners Association (NPOA) have a redundant operating plan in place that allows NPOA members from across the nation to provide backup printing services for one another. Affected clients would be notified of the option to have their work transferred to another printer in the network in order to keep their project moving in an efficient, timely manner and to the same high standard our clients expect, should the need arise.

Strategic Vendor Management: We are in contact with our suppliers and vendors to ensure that they have plans in place and can guarantee the delivery of needed materials and services that are critical to all facets of our production.

We greatly appreciate the relationship we share as well as the trust that you have placed in us. We will continue to strive to not only meet but exceed your needs in the face of this uncertainty. Thank you for your continued business during this time. If you have questions about our response to the coronavirus, please do not hesitate to call us at 763-540-9497 or send us an email at To learn more about COVID-19, please visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Thank you for putting your trust in us.


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