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There are millions of uses for magnets, but a popular one among restaurants, food trucks, hair salons and spas is magnetic menu boards. Few signage options give you the freedom and flexibility that come with magnets. Magnetic menus are a great option for any business who switches up their product and service offerings on a regular basis or any business looking for impactful, cost-effective solution.

Why Magnets Make Great Menu Boards

For better or worse, menu boards make a big impression on your customers. A bold, easy to read and well-organized menu board can improve the customer experience. It can create a welcoming atmosphere and put new and returning customers at ease. Just the same, an outdated or hard to read board can hurt the customer experience and your business.

A dirty or disorganized menu board can create the wrong first impression. One with incorrect pricing our outdated offerings can lead to frustrating interactions for your employees and your customers. Using masking tape or markers to change prices or update menu items looks tacky and unprofessional. Lucky, magnetic menu boards make it easy to address most of these issues.

Stunning Design Options

Magnets can be digitally printed on in multiple colors and with high-quality photographic images. They can be custom cut into any eye-catching shape or design you can think of, giving you endless options to create an efficient and well-designed menu board.

Cost Effective

Compared to other permanent menu board options, magnets are a great cost-effective solution. The magnets themselves are relatively inexpensive, which means making updates or changes will also be cheaper.

Easy To Change & Update

Once initial installation of the framework is done, pretty much anyone can place, move around or replace the magnets to update and change the menu.

Printed In Sections

With most menu board options, if you have one change you need to reprint the entire menu board. Which takes time and money. But that is simply not the case with magnets. Your menu can be divided up into as many lines as you want, allowing every item to be its own magnet. You can have number chips on hand to change prices whenever need be.

Benefits of Magnetic Menu Boards

Magnetic menu boards offer a high quality, professional look with all the advantages of temporary signage. With magnetic menu boards, you can:

  • Promote daily specials and flavors
  • Remove menu items when you sell out for the day
  • Easily rearrange or reorganize your menu for maximum impact
  • Ad or remove seasonal menu items
  • Update pricing without reprinting the entire menu

Contact Us for Magnetic Menu Boards

At US Magnetix, we specialize in creating unique magnetic products. We can help you create a custom magnetic menu board that fits your business brand and style. Trust us when we say your imagination is the only limitation when it comes to designing and creating your custom US Magnetix magnet. If you can think it, we can design it, create it and ship it—all with Ultimate Service. To get started creating a magnetic menu board for your business, send us a message or reach out to us by calling 763-540-9497.


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