7 Ways to Market Your Business with Promotional Magnets

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Magnets can be a great way to attract new business and stay top of mind with current customers. As far as promotional items go, magnets have real staying power. They tend to stick right where you put them while other promotional items can get lost in the shuffle. Here are a few of our favorite ways customers have used our custom promotional magnets to market their businesses.

Promotional Magnet Ideas

Utilize the staying power of magnets and leave a lasting impression on your customers with these promotional magnet ideas.

Car Magnets

Much like a bumper sticker but easier to remove, take your message to the streets with car magnets. If you have a product people are proud to use and want to brag about being a part of, putting your logo on a car magnet can spread your message far and drive up sales.

Calendar Magnets

Magnetic calendars have the power to provide constant exposure for an entire year and can be especially helpful for those who provide ongoing or routine services. You can put reminders to schedule follow up appointments or routine maintenance notices right in the calendar and stay top of mind with prominent placement on a fridge or filing cabinet.

Custom Die-Cut Magnets

Die-cut magnets are an impressive and fun way to promote your brand while still being budget-friendly. They can be cut into any shape including paw prints for animal shelters, houses for real estate agents, wrenches for plumbers or even into fun picture frame borders. The possibilities are endless and so is their staying power since people love to keep them due to their fun shapes.

Business Card Magnets

Portable and lightweight just like traditional business cards, but with the ability to be placed right where your customers are looking, magnetic business cards are another great promotional tool that won’t get lost in the shuffle.

Custom Magnetic Poetry

Spread your marketing message with custom magnetic poetry. These magnetic word sets are fully customizable. Using your own words and sayings to create a truly a unique marketing message prospective customers will be excited to display and use.

Magnetic Notepads

In today’s digital age, notepads can be easily overlooked. But a magnetic notepad with your company logo or name is a great way to promote your brand. The practicality and cost-effectiveness of the added magnet increases to its staying power, visibility and usefulness.

Sports Schedule Magnets

You don’t have to be a school or team to make a lasting impression with a magnetic sports schedule.  If your core audience tends to be big sports fans or you’re planning a company sponsored sporting event, a magnet sports schedule can be a great way to build team spirit and promote your business.

Promote Your Business with Magnets

Magnets can do more than hold paper to a fridge. When used for as promotional marketing and advertising tools, magnets make a memorable statement to customers and potential customers about your business. At US Magnetix, we offer many different options to help you find a promotional magnet that’s just right for you. Contact us online or call 763-540-9497 if you are interested in learning more about our promotional magnet capabilities.


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